Serving as a Los Angeles Superior Court Settlement Conference Officer since1995, Attorney Robert Gigliotti gained the experience necessary to assist individuals resolve their civil and family disputes through mediation.

As founder of the Encino Mediation Center, Robert Gigliotti is dedicated to helping litigants and parties in dispute resolve their matter through effective and affordable alternative dispute resolution and avoid the financial and emotional stress caused by protracted litigation.

A mediation session is private and confidential and held at the Law Offices of Robert L. Gigliotti, conveniently located in Encino, California. At the Encino Mediation Center, a mediation session typically begins with a joint meeting of the parties, their attorneys and in some cases, insurance company representatives. Mediator Robert Gigliotti first explains the format and discusses the confidential and non-binding nature of the proceedings. Mr. Gigliotti will then ask the attorneys for each of the parties to make a presentation of their case, identifying the issues in dispute.

The American Arbitration Association reports that over 85% of all mediations result in a settlement. This is true even where all prior attempts at settlement have failed, where the parties are pessimistic about the prospects of settlement, and where the parties have spent substantial amounts of time and money preparing for a trial .So why does mediation work, when the parties have been unable to settle the case themselves? Find out why by visiting our web site @ Encino Mediation Center.

Our Advantages


Los Angeles Lawyer Robert Gigliotti has developed a unique civil and family law practice located in Encino, California representing Southern California Clients in Family Law and Divorce, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury Law, and Estate Planning since 1991.


We solve difficult legal issues by thinking creatively, identifying the broadest array of potential solutions, translating client interests into positions, assessing both conventional and novel options, and building consensus around our clients interests.


As a skillful trial attorney, Los Angeles lawyer Robert Gigliotti is also committed to achieving favorable outcomes for clients through effective negotiation, mediation, and/or litigation.​